[Podcast] Episode 172: Harmonizing the Word and Worship with Dr. Ron Kenoly

podcast Dec 12, 2023

God is clear about where His greatest joy is found—in all creation’s worship of Him! On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, international worship leader Dr. Ron Kenoly admonishes worship as a command, not a suggestion, and profiles the worship leader as a bridge between musical praise and the very Word of God. Through years of experience, Dr. Kenoly leaves us with this message: leading worship isn’t about talent, but a posture of the heart!

00:00 Introduction with Dr. Ron Keenly

9:17 All about Ron’s Ministry

15:37 Up and Coming Worship Leaders

22:38 First Trait of the Ideal Worship Leader

25:32 Second Trait of the Ideal Worship Leader

27:09 Third Trait of the Ideal Worship Leader

32:18 Thoughts on New Worship Songs

35:10 How Church Leaders Can Prioritze Worship Despite Limited Resources

41:33 Songs Written by Dr. Kenoly

46:28 Hearing Others Worship Your God-Inspired Songs

48:50 Working with Other Worshipers and Musicians

52:26 Encouragement for Those Doubtful that God Can Use Them

01:02:20 How to Connect with Dr. Kenoly

01:03:35 AVAIL Journal

01:04:43: Final Thoughts

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