[Podcast] Episode 173: Making and Multiplying Disciples with Michael Murphy

podcast Dec 19, 2023

The work of a pastor should extend far beyond the pulpit! In this impactful episode of the AVAIL podcast, Michael Murphy introduces his new book, XLR8, written to awaken pastors and church leaders to the lost mandate from heaven to make disciples. With love, Michael gives a clarion call to all leaders—God only gives according to what we are willing to bring Him!

00:00 Introduction with Michael Murphy

3:31 Heart Behind New Book, XLR8

5:44 About Opening Content of XLR8

10:44 Reasons for Broken Nets in the Church

14:26 Importance of Systems and Making Room for the Holy Spirit

18:35 What Multiplication is All About

22:02 Where Leadership and Discipleship Meet

27:43 Top Qualities of an Effect Disciple Maker

36:03 How to Get XLR8 and Connect with Michael and Leaderscape

39:40 AVAIL Journal

40:37 Closing Thoughts

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