[Podcast] Episode 174: Lessons in Church Planting with Daniel and Tammie Floyd

podcast Dec 26, 2023

Promises and provision are always attached to the places where God calls you. Join us today in a compelling conversation with Daniel and Tammie Floyd on the AVAIL podcast. The Floyds, renowned for their dynamic leadership at LifePoint Church, discuss the intricate dance of leading together in ministry. They delve into the heart of church planting, the significance of making people-focused decisions, and the vitality of maintaining a healthy balance in leadership. Whatever you plant for Him, He will grow!

00:00 Introduction with Daniel and Tammie Floyd

8:03 Advice for Aspiring Church Planters

15:07 The Benefit of Finding Your Tribe in Ministry

22:54 Challenges of Growing Your Church

34:33 Tammie’s Leadership Sweet Spot

37:47 Daniel’s Leadership Sweet Spot

40:22 How to Connect with Daniel and Tammie

41:27 AVAIL Journal

42:25 Closing Thoughts

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