[Podcast] Episode 175: Leading through Ongoing Change with Steve Robinson

podcast Jan 02, 2024

When the going gets tough, leaders keep going! In today’s AVAIL podcast episode, we dive deep with Steve Robinson into the art of leading through turbulent times. Drawing insights from biblical narratives and personal experiences, Steve shares how aligning our hearts with our mission and addressing uncomfortable internal team dynamics are key to navigating change well. Change happens for us, not to us!

00:00 Introduction with Steve Robinson

3:26 Change and Transitions in Life and Ministry

8:25 Lesson 1: Aligning with the Vision of the House

15:25 Lesson 2: Adjusting Attitudes

21:27 Lesson 3: Addressing Anger in the Heart

26:21 Practical Examples of Aligning Spirit with DNA of the Church

30:31 Tips for Having Difficult Conversations

34:57 How to connect with Steve

36:48 AVAIL Journal

37:35 Final Thoughts

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