[Podcast] Episode 177: Leading as a Dynamic Duo with Sergio and Franchesca Chavez

podcast Jan 16, 2024

Ministry with your spouse is not a solo journey, but a shared voyage! On today’s AVAIL podcast episode, Pastors Sergio and Franchesca Chavez discuss the beauty and challenges of the journey of collaborative ministry, the invaluable lessons they’ve learned along the way, and why success is contingent upon unrelenting submission to the Lord!

00:00 Introduction with Sergio and Franchesca Chavez

4:43 Leading the Church Together as a Married Couple

8:14 Journey of Learning How to Co-Lead a Church

12:52 The Enemy’s Mission of Spiritual Division

16:14 Balancing Family and Ministry

27:59 Honest Answers to Areas Needing Improvement

32:50 All About CP Five Podcast

36:24 Connecting with Sergio and Franchesca

37:20 AVAIL Journal

38:42 Final Thoughts

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