[Podcast] Episode 179: Drenched in the Spirit with Pastor Jeff Stanford

podcast Jan 30, 2024

Christians are a church-going people but are often missing the third Person of the Triune God that would change their lives forever—the Holy Spirit! Be endeared to the power and love of the Holy Spirit on today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, as we are joined by Pastor Jeff Stanford. Pastor Jeff teaches us that a relationship with the Holy Spirit is necessary to walk in unity with God and that His presence in our lives transcends our emotions—whether we “feel” Him or not, at all times, He is waiting to capture our hearts!

The Arms of the Holy Spirit Are Your Sanctuary. Collapse into Them! Order Jeff Stanford's book here.

00:00 Introducing Jeff Stanford

3:20 Heart behind new book Drenched

6:30 Why there are varying views of the Holy Spirit in the Church

12:01 Misrepresentation of the Holy Spirit

19:42 Advice for young pastors

25:33 Tips for fostering relationship with the Holy Spirit

32:58 How to connect with Pastor Jeff’s ministry and get Drenched

34:49 AVAIL Journal

35:38 Final word of encouragement

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