[Podcast] Episode 180: Leading with People in Mind with Rebecca Thomas

podcast Feb 06, 2024

Leadership is about more than business. It’s about people! On today's episode of the AVAIL podcast, we're joined by Rebecca Thomas, a trailblazer in the construction industry with an inspiring journey of her ascent to leading a major construction company, all because of a clear call from the ultimate leader, the Lord! Her final encouragement to all leaders is to go where God takes you and eagerly steward the people He places in your care!

00:00 Introducing Rebecca Thomas

2:15 Rebecca’s leadership journey

8:13 Rebecca’s favorite part about TNT Construction Management Group

10:17 Growth as a leader

16:44 Being a woman in a male-dominated industry

21:34 Clarity from the Lord on His calling for her life

23:41 How to effectively inspire those you lead

27:10 Past leadership mistakes and lesson

32:28 Advice for preparing for leadership roles

36:24 Where to learn more about Rebecca and TNT

37:14 AVAIL Journal

37:52 Final thoughts from the heart

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