[Podcast] Episode 181: Fighting on the Front Lines with Hope Carpenter

podcast Feb 13, 2024

The battle doesn’t determine your future, but how you fight the battle does. On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Hope Carpenter joins us and shares her heart behind her new book If You Don’t Fight, You Don’t Win. Through the book's pages, Hope’s resilience along her own rocky journey is a word of encouragement to allow life’s pressures and opposition to perfect us so that we may live out the purpose He has set before us!

Get Hope Carpenter's new book, If You Don’t Fight, You Don’t Win, at the AVAIL store!

00:00 Introducing Hope Carpenter

4:56 Hope’s new book When You Don’t Fight, You Don’t Win

9:39 Misconception about Christianity as “the easy life”

13:51 Finding the strength to keep fighting when it’s the hardest

19:45 Common battles pastors will face

25:10 Importance of having people in your corner

30:42 Hope’s advice to young Hope

32:27 Advice for those feeling hopeless

36:30 Where to find If You Don’t Fight, You Don’t Win

37:40 All about Hope’s Inner Circle

39:27 Final words of wisdom

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