[Podcast] Episode 183: Leading with Conviction with Barry Knight

podcast Feb 27, 2024

In an others-focused organization, the harvest is plenty and the leaders are many! Today on the AVAIL podcast, we are joined by Barry Knight, a successful veteran leader and leadership consultant. Barry depicts the heart of true leadership—working toward a collective vision through hard work and a high tolerance for risk, with a payoff that far exceeds the cost!

00:00 Introducing Barry Knight

4:40: All about BEK Impact

7:01: Heart behind new book The Gift Called Leadership

10:33 Defining and awakening the spirit of leadership

13:56 Finding the right team members

20:29 Defining and clarifying organizational identity and culture

26:17 Past mistakes as a pastor

30:20 What is most exciting about helping a new organization

33:00 How to connect with Barry and where to find The Gift Called Leadership

35:58: AVAIL Journal

36:39 Final words of encouragement

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