[Podcast] Episode 184: Steering Clear of Hazardous Attitudes with Ricky Brown

podcast Mar 05, 2024

Our initial ascent to success may be smooth, but if we fuel our planes with dangerous attitudes, we’re bound for a rough landing. On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Ricky Brown offers leaders of all shapes and sizes a lesson in piloting the aircraft of their lives with a fair warning of the greatest threat to leadership—hazardous attitudes. Ricky unpacks these attitudes from his new book, The Five Hazardous Attitudes, reminding leaders of the necessity of depending on God’s grace in the cockpit.

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00:00 Introducing Ricky Brown

3:03 The Birthing of new book The Five Hazardous Attitudes

5:27 Angle of self-awareness behind the book

7:51 Observed damage caused by the five hazardous attitudes

12:32 How to anticipate and prevent the crash

16:17 Leading people who exhibit the five hazardous attitudes

19:13 Being proactive in resisting the harmful effects of the five hazardous attitudes

22:41 Difference between changing attitude and changing heart

26:22 Ricky’s prayer for his readers

28:47 Ricky’s former hazardous attitudes

33:31 Where to find The Five Hazardous Attitudes and additional resources

35:17 AVAIL Journal

36:11 Final words of wisdom

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