[Podcast] Episode 185: It’s Already in You with Abram Gomez

podcast Mar 12, 2024

Personal growth doesn’t just fall into your lap. . . . it must be pursued. On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Pastor Abram Gomez joins us in a candid conversation about the nature of personal growth; for leaders and non-leaders alike, it is not optional. He encourages everyone to courageously explore the depths of who they are created to be because we will never find what we aren’t searching for!

00:00 Introducing Pastor Abram Gomez

4:27 The role of Executive Pastor

9:32 The heart behind Pastor Abram’s new book Personal Growth is Personal

16:12 Advice for young leaders feeling unequipped for calling

20:05 time Unpacking “personal awareness”

22:42 What’s really behind poor self-awareness

25:47 Breaking bad habits and building new ones

29:26 Overcoming stagnation

33:27 Lightning round—getting to know Pastor Abram

35:22 Pastor Abram’s advice to younger self

36:26 How to find Personal Growth is Personal and connect with Pastor Abram

36:51 AVAIL Journal

37:12 Final Encouragement

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