[Podcast] Episode 186: The Fundamentals of Fundraising with Jerod Smith

podcast Mar 19, 2024

Fundraising is most taxing when the focus is on the funds. Today’s AVAIL podcast guest and fundraising expert Jerod Smith enlightens us on why fundraising is so often unsuccessful and draining: because relationships are taking a backseat when they need to be the driver! This episode will have you rethinking the classically flawed funds-to-friends strategy and compel you to adopt a superior one—friends-to-funds!

00:00 Introducing Jerod Smith

4:13 Lessons on effective fundraising

9:36 Fundraising mistake #1

11:48 Fundraising mistake #2

15:05 Fundraising mistake #3

18:49 Fundraising mistake #4

23:24 Fundraising mistake #5

27:06 “Bonus points” from new book Million Dollar Method

33:31 Connecting with Jerod and where to find Million Dollar Method

37:22 AVAIL Journal

38:26 Final Word of Encouragement

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