[Podcast] Episode 187: Leading the SEPP Way with Dr. Jimmie Gray

podcast Mar 26, 2024

It takes a novel model of leadership to produce a great leader! Today’s AVAIL podcast guest Dr. Jimmie Gray has developed this model and shares its core principles from his new book Leadership in Action. Dr. Gray’s innovative and simplified way to being an effective leader—the SEPP way—will maximize the way you lead now and forever!

00:00 Introducing Jimmie Gray

4:06 Inspiration behind new book Leadership in Action

6:36 Target audience for the book

8:09 Profile of an effective leader

10:38 Leading the SEPP way

12:17 Most common pain point for leaders

13:12 Practical steps for elevating your business

17:03 What inspired Dr. Gray to become a coach

20:45 Role models who sparked Dr. Gray’s vision and purpose

22:13 Importance of embracing your unique leadership style

24:21 Biggest takeaway from book and benefits

26:19 Where to find Dr. Gray and buy the book

26:57 AVAIL Journal

27:54 Lightning round—getting to know Dr. Gray

33:59 Final thoughts

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