[Podcast] Episode 188: There’s Rest in the Stress with Shane and Sue Schlesman

podcast Apr 02, 2024

Church leaders are daily faced with a conundrum—numbers matter, but performance fixation is a recipe for burnout. On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Pastors Shane and Sue Schlesman offer some wisdom from their new book, Death by Pastoring. Drawing from their own journey, Shane and Sue encourage all ministry leaders that Jesus never intended us to carry the weight of the church, but instead insists that there’s a better way.

00:00 Introducing Shane and Sue Schlesman

4:13 Inspiration behind new book Death by Pastoring

7:25 The audience in mind for Death by Pastoring

10:48 What pastors do not learn in seminary

14:00 Most common misconception about stress

17:50 Practical ways pastors and leaders can find a rhythm of rest

24:26 Words of wisdom for young Shane and Sue

29:48 How to connect with Shane and Sue and get Death by Pastoring

34:52 AVAIL Journal

35:23 Final words of encouragement

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