[Podcast] Episode 192: Unsung Hero with David Smallbone

podcast Apr 30, 2024

You’ll find peace in your comfort zone, but you won’t find miracles! Based on David Smallbone’s life, the new movie Unsung Hero is a testament to how miracles take place outside of the boundaries of human experience and understanding. On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, David discusses the heart behind the film, its message of family and the miraculous, and how to give the world a little less world and a little more Jesus!

00:00 Introducing David Smallbone and movie Unsung Hero

6:14 David’s hopes for Unsung Hero

11:46 What it’s like seeing kids extend Kingdom legacy

16:11 Encouragement to those who feel “unusable”

22:17 Favorite scene in Unsung Hero

26:07 David’s experience watching his son play him in Unsung Hero

31:37 Unsung Hero actor highlights

36:15 Go watch the movie!

41:41 Closing thoughts

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