[Podcast] Episode 193: Find Your Funding with Tony and Dianna Rivera and Keisha Pearson

podcast May 07, 2024

God will not give you work to do that He won’t fund. Tony and Dianna Rivera and Keisha Pearson know this first-hand. On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Tony, Dianna, and Keisha share the twists and turns of their experience with all things ministry funding—needing it, finding it, and securing it. Detailed in their book Provision for the Vision, they refute the commonly held beliefs about the inaccessibility of funding and empower all ministry leaders to consider grant funding as one of God’s favorite methods of provision—through people!

00:00 Introducing Tony and Dianna Rivera and Keisha Pearson

6:23 Inspiration behind new book Provision for the Vision

15:09 Most notable messages in Provision for the Vision

25:05 The heart behind the 305 Unlimited consulting

29:29 Keisha’s story

35:03 Where to get Provision for the Vision and resources

36:07 Final words of encouragement

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