[Podcast] Episode 194: Change the One Thing with Jeff Williams

podcast May 14, 2024

Success allows business leaders to fund an important cause or passion, but many business leaders stop there. Today’s AVAIL podcast guest Jeff Williams has devoted his life to bringing the Kingdom into the marketplace through a lifestyle of giving—not getting—of his time, talent, and treasure. Jeff encourages leaders to change the thing that can’t be changed but would change the game if it could be changed to lead with more than just success, but with significance.

00:00 Introduction with Jeff Williams

3:35 How Jeff’s involvement in the car business was birthed

4:53 Connection between business and Kingdom

6:53 Jump from success to significance

9:09 Starting point for bringing kindgom to business

10:37 Responding to high-risk opportunities

12:20 Jump from significance to transformation

14:33 Stories of great leaders and givers

16:24 Recreating systems to transform

18:46 All about new book The Double-Edged Sword

21:23 Target audience for The Double-Edged Sword

22:33 Experiences of resistance to faith in marketplace conversations

25:54 Impacting others by the way you lead

27:35 Mentorship and friendship in others' journeys

30:05 Lightning round

34:44 How to connect with Jeff and where to find The Double Edged Sword

36:13 AVAIL Journal

37:00 Final Thoughts

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