[Podcast] Episode 195: Keep Theology at the Forefront with Dr. Jason Kennedy

podcast May 21, 2024

Pastors around the world are on fire for the mission of Christ at the expense of sound theological foundations. Today, we sit down with Dr. Jason Kennedy on the AVAIL podcast to discuss the implications of drifting from good theology and biblical literacy, and how Catalyst Bible College was birthed out of this passion. Dr. Kennedy warns pastors of the dire consequences of neglecting theological training and urges them to marry their zeal with good theology.

00:00 Introduction with Jason Kennedy

9:21 Core foundational values of Catalyst Bible College (CBC)

14:05 Importance of theologically educated leaders

19:44 Dr. Kennedy’s favorite aspects of CBC

23:10 Churches with and without sound theological foundations

28:22 Groups who may benefit from CBC

32:41 Vision for CBC

34:48 When the fire for CBC starting burning

35:43 How to connect with CBC

36:39 Final thoughts

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