[Podcast] Episode 196: Returning to Biblical Discipleship with Dr. Mark Merrill

podcast May 28, 2024

Effective discipleship methods within the church have rapidly declined and the consequences are far-reaching. We learn more about this culture crisis in today’s Church and how Catalyst Bible College aims to pick up the slack from Dr. Mark Merrill on today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast. Dr. Merrill discusses the leadership deficit prevalent in the Church today, how inadequate discipleship has discouraged people from answering the call of God on their lives, and what we, as leaders, can do about it!

00:00 Introducing Dr. Mark Merrill

3:58 Transitions between pastor and superintendent

7:26 All about Visalia First Church

9:34 Pastoring from a leadership perspective

12:27 Tips for team and organizational building

17:25 Experience of stepping into leader pastor

21:10 Catalyst Bible College (CBC)

26:09 Declining ministry pipeline statistics

29:53 Future of the church and ministry at CBC

32:09 Connection between leadership, the church, and education

35:01 Lightning round questions

39:44 How to learn more about CBC

41:13 Final words of encouragement

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