[Podcast] Episode 198: God Doesn’t Need Your Performance with Pastor Ben Dailey

podcast Jun 11, 2024

Our search to be and become “enough” is a tireless chase, one that we will never find and that Jesus died on the cross to fulfill. On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, Pastor Ben Daily discusses the heart of the gospel in his new book Enough. He discredits our cultural obsession with “do more to get more; get more to be happy” and reminds us that “enough” will never be found in a lifestyle; it’s something we already have in our Savior.

00:00 Introducing with Pastor Ben Dailey

4:34 Inspiration behind new book Enough

6:31 The importance of living a life as accepted

11:46 The “not enough” cycle

27:49 Entering the grace cycle

36:09 How to connect and where to get Enough

37:07 AVAIL Journal

38:14 Final words of wisdom for leaders

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