[Podcast] Episode 71: April Osteen Simons on Rising Above Life's Circumstances

In this episode, we'll sit down with April Osteen Simons to discuss the principles in her new book, Better Than Ever. Life happens to all of us, but in order to go after the better life God has for us, we need to go after it! Enjoy this encouraging conversation and gain a greater vision for the life you were meant to lead!

0:00: Introduction with April Osteen Simons

3:00: Better Than Ever: The Inspiration Behind the Book

9:00: The Source of Happiness

15:00: The Book-Writing Process

17:30: Holding onto Your Happiness

21:00: Enjoying Every Day

23:30: More Principles from the Book

27:30: The Importance of Laughter

29:30: The Timeliness of Better Than Ever

32:00: Principles for Young People

34:00: Closing Thoughts


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