[Podcast] Episode 76: Chris Bowen on Moving Forward – AVAIL’s Merry Little Podcast Series

chris bowen podcast Dec 14, 2021

In this episode of the Merry Little Podcast series, we’re revisiting our conversation with Dr. Chris Bowen! What does it look like to adopt a mentality of improvement as a leader? How can you maintain a forward focus in the midst of our current reality? These and many more questions are addressed in this episode, so sit back and get ready to be inspired and motivated moving into 2022!

0:00: Introduction with Chris Bowen

6:30: Redeveloping Yourself

11:30: Finding Your Purpose

16:00: The Importance of 5-Star Customer Service

28:30: Change vs. Transition

32:00: Effects of the Pandemic

38:00: Some Final Tips for Leaders

41:00: Connect with Dr. Bowen/Concluding Thoughts


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