[Podcast] Episode 80: Andy Butcher on the Power of the Press

andy butcher media podcast Jan 11, 2022

In this episode, Andy Butcher, author, journalist, and editorial director, shares with us about his journey in journalism and publishing, the importance of participating and engaging with the media, and the power that believers have to influence this world in today’s society. From the Old Testament to present day, we see that the media is powerful and essential to circulating important information; it can also be misleading. While we need to be wise and discerning, we can also take heart—there is excellent reporting going on everywhere we look, and we can lend our gifts and talents to this cause!

0:00: Introduction with Andy Butcher

4:00: The Power of the Press—in History and Today

11:00: Breaking Down the Wall Between Faith and Secular Media

18:30: Getting Your Message Out There

25:00: The Excuses We Make…and the Difference We Can Make

28:30: Who Are Your Gatekeepers?

35:30: Practical Tips for Up-and-Coming Media Leaders

46:00: The Inspire Collective + Other Resources

47:30: Final Thoughts

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