[Podcast] Episode 81: Jimmy Rollins on Tending to Your Personal Health

In this episode, Pastor Jimmy Rollins shares about his journey and the challenges he’s faced as a pastor, leader, and author. He’ll provide powerful insights on ministry health and the importance of not allowing the church to flourish at the expense of the health of its people. When you win at the wrong thing, you’ll lose at the right thing.

0:00: Introduction with Jimmy Rollins

4:00: Ministry Health

11:30: Healthy Ambition vs. Unhealthy Ambition

14:30: The Pandemic Revealed Our True Health

23:30: Warning Signs to Look Out For in Your Life

31:30: Practical Tips for Pastors

36:30: Diversity is the First Down, Unity is the Touchdown

43:00: Opening the Door for Diversity

46:00: How to Connect with Jimmy Rollins

48:30: Concluding Thoughts

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