[Podcast] Episode 86: Robin LaGrow Buttler on Your Need for Coaching as a Leader

In this episode, we’re sitting down with ICF certified coach and Dream Releaser Coaching COO Robin LaGrow Buttler. We’ll be discussing her passion for coaching, how she got into the industry, why coaching can be so beneficial to leaders, and much more about the coaching world.

[00:00-:32]: Introduction

[:32-3:30]: How Robin Got Into Coaching

[3:30-13:25]: The Intersection of Coaching and Leadership

[13:25-17:16]: Don’t Be Defensive as a Leader

[17:16-20:34]: Self-Coaching and Coaching Your Team

[20:34-21:10]: AVAIL+

[21:10-28:27]: The GROW Model

[28:27-34:50]: The Power of Questions

[34:50-37:40]: How You Can Become a Coach

[37:40-38:45]: Find Out How to Get Coached by Robin –

[38:45-40:07]: The AVAIL Journal

[40:07-43:13]: The Importance of Self-Care & Closing Thoughts

[43:13-44:00]: Outro

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