[Podcast] Episode 88: Phil Klein on Promoting Organizational Health

In this episode, we discuss the factors of organizational health with Phil Klien, the founder of focus412. Find practical advice on how to form a healthier leadership paradigm, the qualities of lead leaders that make organizations healthy, and so much more!

0:00: Introduction with Phil Klein

4:30: About Phil and His Family

8:30: The Archeologist and Architect Leadership Paradigms

18:30: How is Leadership Like a Superpower?

21:00: Common Mistakes in Systems and Structures

31:30: Advice for New Leaders

36:30: Thoughts on Organizational Health

40:30: Qualities of Lead Leaders That Lead to Healthy Organizations

45:00: Rapid-Fire Questions

50:00: Learning more about focus412

52:00: Offers from AVAIL and Final Thoughts

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