[Podcast] Episode 145: God's Story is Music to His Ears With Martha Munizzi

podcast May 16, 2023


God uses both your despair and your victories to birth stories that will reveal the stories God has written for others! Today, on the AVAIL podcast, Martha Munizzi shares her journey as a worship leader and songwriter, how music is more than just lyrics but an avenue for storytelling, and how God’s plans may seem small to us but are huge to God!

00:00 Introduction with Martha Munizzi

3:00 Her Church’s Growth and Discoveries

5:18 Introduction to New Book

5:43 Heart and Inspiration Behind the Book

8:26 Power of Stories in Music

11:27 Unique Challenges of Writing a Book

15:26 A Notable Story in Her Song “Renew My Spirit”

23:50 Wisdom for Pastors Feeling Unseen

29:33 Other Resources Connected to Book

32:12 Where to Find Martha’s Book

33:07 AVAIL Journal

34:13 Parting Thoughts

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