[Podcast] Episode 37: Filters: A Conversation with Robert Barriger

In this episode, we're sitting down with long-time Pastor Robert Barriger! Robert Barriger is a missionary pastor and founder of his church Camino de Vida, (translated Body of Life) in Peru! Today, he'll elaborate on the subject of his book, Filtros, and reveal how we can be sure we are making the right decisions in life!

[0:00-6:18]: Intro/Meet Robert Barringer

[6:18-9:30]: Upcoming book, Filtros and Decision-Making

[9:30-12:00]: Patterns and Principles

[12:00-17:01]: The Most Important Filters

[17:01-20:00]: Being Sure and Gray Areas

[20:00-24:42]: Leadership Struggles & Non-Negotiables

[24:42-30:40]: The Filter of Trusting God

[30:40-33:23]: The Deception of the Tree

[33:23-38:26]: God Working Miracles

[38:26-40:29]: Connect with Pastor Robert or

[40:29-43:38]: Haciendo Iglesia

[43:38-46:32]: The AVAIL Journal Offer

[46:32-50:03]: Closing Thoughts/Outro 


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This podcast was featuring Robert Barriger



Pastors Robert and Karyn Barriger founded Camino de Vida in 1989 with a passion to further God’s kingdom in the world, and specifically, in Peru. Their desire to show God’s love in a tangible way, through humanitarian aid and outreach project, has been a part of Camino de Vida since the very beginning.



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