[Podcast] Episode 50: From Possibility to Reality: A Conversation with Xavier Cornejo

Join us for an inspiring conversation with publisher and author Xavier Cornejo, as he breaks down the principles of his newest book, The Bridge. He’ll break down the applicable steps that will aid you in crossing from possibility to reality. Tune in as Xavier equips you to take the first step towards your dreams.

[0:01—8:00]: Introduction/Meet Xavier Cornejo

[8:00—14:00]: About Xavier’s Book and His Experience in Publishing

[14:00—22:00]: Living Your Story and Writing Your Story

[22:00—27:00]: Advice on Collaboration for Leaders

[27:00—32:00]: Advice for Aspiring Writers

[32:00—38:00]: Passion Projects and the Creative Process

[38:00—42:00]: 2020 Shifts and Leadership Insights

[42:00—48:00]: Conclusion/Special Offers and Information


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