[Podcast] Episode 20: Godparents: How to Find One and How to Be One: A Conversation with Lisa Bevere

Join us for a motivational conversation with author, teacher, speaker, and spiritual mentor Lisa Bevere! Lisa shares with us about her journey in leadership, what it means to have spiritual mentors (godmothers and godfathers), the challenges of leading with teammates or spouses, how to practically implement discipleship into your daily routine, and so much more! This is a discussion you don’t want to miss!

[0:01—7:20]: Introduction/Meet Lisa Bevere

[7:20—16:45]: The Attack on Men, and What Women Can Do

[16:45—19:30]: Leading in the Midst of Crisis

[19:30—28:45]: Challenges of Leading Together

[28:45—37:00]: On Godmothers and the Importance of Godparents

[37:00—45:30]: Discipling Your Family

[45:30—49:30]: Resources/Conclusion


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This podcast was featuring Lisa Bevere



Lisa Bevere is a strong believer, a New York Times best-selling author, a teacher, and co-founder with her husband, John, of Messenger International, an organization committed to developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform their world. When Lisa is not traveling the globe, you’ll find her in Colorado with her four sons, daughters-in-love, and grandchildren.


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