[Podcast] Episode 47: Investing in Others: A Conversation with Brent Wilson

In this episode of the AVAIL Podcast, we’re sitting down with Brent Wilson! Brent has extensive experience in the education industry, currently serving as the Superintendent of the non-profit school network known as Life School. In this episode, he’ll be sharing insights regarding organizational leadership, education, and investing in the next generation.

[0:00-3:38]: Introduction/Meet Brent Wilson

[3:38-6:00]: About Life School

[6:00-8:20]: Brent’s Calling to Life School

[8:20-15:39]: Keys to Effective Transition

[15:39-22:45]: Three Essential Leadership Tips

[22:45-31:28]: Adjusting to and Overcoming COVID

[31:28-36:40]: Brent’s Favorite Parts of the Role & Investing in Others

[36:40-44:35]: More About Life School & Sign Up Options

[44:35-46:09]: The AVAIL Leadership Journal

[46:09-50:12]: Closing Thoughts/Advice

[50:12-52:12]: Goodbye/Outro


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