[Podcast] Episode 51: Kingdom Honor: A Conversation with Gary Montoya

gary montoya honor podcast Jun 22, 2021

In today’s episode of the AVAIL Podcast, we’re sitting down with associate pastor and author Gary Montoya. Together, we’ll delve into Gary’s new book, Kingdom Honor, and elaborate and expand on some of the honor principles within. Are you honoring what matters most in your life?

[00-5:34]: Introduction/Gary Montoya’s Story

[5:34-7:47]: The Inspiration Behind Kingdom Honor

[7:47-10:38]: Gary’s Learned Leadership Lessons

[10:38-12:45]: Gary’s Retrospective Advice

[12:45-16:15]: The Responsibility to Confront

[16:15-18:57]: Balancing Work, Ministry, and Family Life

[18:57-22:22]: Encouragement to Those Wanting to Write

[22:22-25:21]: Delving into Kingdom Honor

[25:21-28:18]: Creating a Culture of Kingdom Honor

[28:18-28:52]: Gary’s Passion and Upcoming Projects –

[28:52-30:47]: Getting the Book

[30:47-31:32]: Connecting with Gary Montoya

[31:32-33:35]: The AVAIL Leadership Journal

[33:35-36:06]: Closing Thoughts and Encouragement

[36:06-36:48]: Outro


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