[Podcast] Episode 34: LeaderFit: A Conversation with Andrew Momon

In this episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Andrew Momon! Andrew is a lead pastor with his wife Kendra Momon at Victory Midtown in Atlanta. He and his wife have also worked to found Momon Leadership – a global leadership consulting firm! Andrew also will discuss his upcoming book, LeaderFit!

[0:00-8:45]: Introduction/Meet Andrew Momon

[8:45-14:45]: LeaderFit and Long-term, Effective Leading.

[14:45-17:40]: Leadership Tenacity and Your Calling

[17:40-20:25]: Andrew’s Inspiration for LeaderFit

[20:25-24:46]: Spiritual Health and Physical Health

[24:46-28:32]: Fitness Extremes/ Finding Harmony

[28:32-37:22]: Taking Your Health for Granted/ Standards

[37:22-41:23]: You Have to Start Somewhere

[41:23-42:37]: Connecting with Andrew Momon

[42:37-44:48]: The AVAIL Journal

[44:48-50:03]: Closing Thoughts/Conclusion


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This podcast was featuring Andrew Momon



Andrew Momon is a lead pastor of Victory Midtown alongside his wife, Kendra. Andrew and Kendra have also worked to establish and cultivate their leadership consulting firm Momon Leadership! Andrew has extensive experience in leadership and ministry, and will soon be releasing his book on leadership and fitness, LeaderFit!


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