[Podcast] Leadership Series: Joe Champion on How to Confront Compromise in Your Leadership

joe champion podcast Aug 23, 2022


In this top-rated replay episode, we sit down with Joe Champion, Pastor of Celebration Church in Austin, Texas, to hear about his journey in leadership. He’ll share with us the inspiration behind his book, Confronting Compromise, and share insightful advice on how to avoid compromising on the most important principles. You won’t want to miss this amazing discussion that will encourage, inspire, and motivate you to eliminate compromise in your leadership and your life!

0:00: Introduction with Joe Champion

9:30: The Inspiration Behind Confronting Compromise

16:00: Leaders and Confronting Compromise

20:00: Discerning Your Values, Morals, and Limits

24:30: Problem-Conscious vs. Purpose-Conscious

29:30: Sowing and Reaping

33:30: How to Get the Book

36:30: Consequences of Compromise

42:00: Youth and Purpose

47:00: Why This Message is Relevant

51:00: AVAIL Offers + Connect with Pastor Joe

54:30: Final Thoughts

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