[Podcast] Episode 40: Living Limitless: A Conversation with Eric Petree

In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with pastor, author, and man-of-God Eric Petree to discuss his new book, Limitless: Defy the Ordinary! We’ll delve into some of the book’s content, his inspiration behind it, and touch on some of his experiences as senior pastor of Citygate Church!

[0:00-6:47]: Intro/Meet Eric Petree

[6:47-11:59]: The Inspiration Behind Limitless: Defy the Ordinary

[11:59-16:31]: Go Fly a Kite

[16:31-22:24]: Flux Capacity

[22:24-26:32]: Tips for Dreaming Big, Living Limitless

[26:32-28:31]: Risky Vs. Reckless

[28:31-31:27]: Moving to Action

[31:27-35:19]: Tuned by Tension

[35:19-42:30]: Breaking the Limits of Your Capacity

[42:30-48:23]: Challenges in Ministry and Transitioning

[48:23-49:35]: Connecting with Eric Petree (citygate.tv)

[49:35-52:04]: One Church Culture & Authenticity

[52:04-54:10]: The AVAIL Leadership Journal

[54:10-55:50]: Closing Thoughts/Outro 


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This podcast was featuring Eric Petree



Eric Petree is the senior pastor of Citygate Church in Ohio, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church where diversity and unity are at the core. Eric and his wife, Kimberly, lead with an authentic love for people and a passion to unite the power of Pentecost with the excellence and creativity of God. Eric’s vision to impact the community has had a national reach and draws partnerships with leaders like Pastor Joel Osteen and the Champions Network and Pastors Tommy and Matthew Barnett at the Dream Center. He shares the word in a creative and dynamic way that makes it memorable, easy to understand, and relevant for application to daily life. He has a heart for God, a passion for people, and a mission to connect the two in a powerful way.


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