[Podcast] Episode 55: Out of the Cave: A Conversation with Chris Hodges

In this episode of the AVAIL Podcast, we’re sitting down with Chris Hodges! Chris is the Founding Pastor of Church of the Highlands, co-founder of ARC, and founder of GROW and Highlands College. In today’s episode, he’ll be dissecting some of the powerful principles from his book, Out of the Cave: Stepping Into the Light when Depression Darkens What You See.

[0:00-4:00]: Introduction/Chris Hodges’ Story

[4:00-6:48]: The Writing of Out of the Cave: Stepping Into the Light when Depression Darkens What You See

[6:48-9:13]: The Cave Metaphor for Depression Explained

[9:13-11:23]: The Stigma Behind Mental Health

[11:23-14:11]: Different Ways We End Up in the Cave

[14:11-16:06]: The Reality of Mental Health Struggles in Leadership

[16:06-17:14]: False Mindsets Regarding Mental Illness

[17:14-19:06]: Mental Health vs. Spiritual Warfare

[19:06-24:08]: Stepping Into the Light

[24:08-28:50]: An Essential Leadership Responsibility

[28:50-30:17]: The Bible on Depression

[30:17-32:37]: The Challenge of Soul Care

[32:37-34:24]: A Word of Encouragement to Those Struggling

[34:24-35:42]: Where to Purchase Out of the Cave & Accompanying Resources

[35:42-38:58]: Connecting with Pastor Chris Hodges

[38:58-41:16]: Closing Thoughts

[41:16-42:02]: Outro


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