[Podcast] Episode 16: Staying Ahead of the Curve in 2020: A Conversation with Omayra Font

In this episode, we sit down with Pastor Omayra Font to discuss leadership, adapting to change, and her journey as an author. Omayra has valuable insights to share about balancing motherhood and co-leading a church with her husband. Her heart is to empower and encourage other female leaders. Join us as we dive into this fascinating conversation that will equip and empower you to “stay ahead of the curve” of changes as a leader and maximize your unique giftings—no matter where you lead!


0:01—8:35: Introduction/Meet Omayra Font

8:36—19:45: Advice for Wives and Mothers Pursuing Leadership

19:46—27:15: Omayra’s writing journey and the inspiration behind her books

27:16—33:35: Leading People from Different Backgrounds, Cultures, and Experiences

33:36—40:55: Navigating and Adapting to 2020 as a Leader

40:56—45:50: Major Pitfalls of Male and Female Leaders

45:51—48:05: Advice for Wives Entering a Ministry Role or Supportive Role

48:06—53:40: Final Thoughts/Conclusion


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This podcast was featuring Omayra Font



A successful entrepreneur with a steady step and financial wisdom, Omayra Font has struck a balance between being a supportive and encouraging wife, a loving and dedicated mother, and a woman of God whose first priority is her pastoral ministry. She is the wife of Otoniel Font, and the mother of Joanirie, Janaimar, Jenibelle, and Jillianne. She is Pastor of the Fuente de Agua Viva churches in Puerto Rico and Orlando, Florida, as well as founder and director of Fountain Christian Bilingual School in Carolina, PR. She currently resides in Puerto Rico with her family.


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