[Podcast] Episode 46: Storytelling and Marketing: A Conversation with Matt Green

In this episode of the AVAIL Podcast, we’re sitting down with Matt Green! Together, we’ll discuss Matt’s extensive experiences in the marketing, communications, and editing industries and delve into the details of his journey, his passion for writing, and applicable marketing strategy.

[0:00-6:28]: Introduction/Matt Green’s Journey

[6:28-10:43]: Marketing and the Art of Storytelling

[10:43-14:07]: Creating Marketable Content – Understanding the Language of Today

[14:07-15:02]: Matt’s Writing Career

[15:02-21:04]: Matt’s AVAIL Journal feature on Virgil’s Vertical Church & Matt’s Favorite Articles

[21:04-26:14]: Ministry vs. Non-Profit: Transitions and Callings

[26:14-28:55]: Following God’s Guidance

[28:55-32:22]: Being Patient Where You Are – Recognizing Your Identity

[32:22-37:07]: Effective Communication & Marketing/Publication Careers

[37:07-40:34]: Finding Inspiration

[40:34-43:14]: About Pioneers USA

[43:14-45:59] The AVAIL Journal

[45:59-49:53]: Final Thoughts/Encouragements/Outro


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