[Podcast] Episode 28: The Art of Generosity: A Conversation with Brenda Chand

In this episode, we’ll sit down with the founder of Dream Releaser Coaching Brenda Chand! Together, we’ll discuss the art of generosity--what it means, how we can be generous, and how it can positively impact others! There are ways to show generosity that don’t involve giving money! Tune in for an insightful discussion!

[0:00-9:05]: Introduction/Meet Brenda Chan

[9:05-13:15]: Generosity Defined

[13:15-15:15]: What sparked your generosity?

[15:15-20:40]: Selfishness Vs. Generosity and Developing Generosity

[20:40-26:30]: Generosity in Leadership

[26:30-29:28]: Planning Generosity?

[29:28-35:00]: Navigating the Uncertainty

[35:00-43:57]: The birth of Dream Releaser Coaching and the benefits of coaching

[43:57-46:05]: AVAIL Offer

[46:05-50:06]: Closing Thoughts


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This podcast was featuring Brenda C. Chand


Brenda Chand is a wife, mother, and grandmother. More than 10 years ago, Brenda and her husband, Sam Chand, co-founded Dream Releaser Coaching, a program designed to equip future coaches with the knowledge and information they need to succeed in the industry. In addition, Brenda also has done work co-authoring, and working as an adjunct instructor at BHU, teaching courses such as Laws of Leadership, Spiritual Formation, and Leadership Coaching.



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