[Podcast] Episode 17: The One Thing You Can’t Not Share: A Conversation with Xavier Cornejo

Join us for an inspiring conversation with publisher and author Xavier Cornejo, as he expounds upon the importance of living and writing your story by focusing on the passions and callings God has placed on your heart. Enjoy practical insights on leadership, writing, and life in general!

[0:01—8:00]: Introduction/Meet Xavier Cornejo

[8:00—14:00]: About Xavier’s Book and His Experience in Publishing

[14:00—22:00]: Living Your Story and Writing Your Story

[22:00—27:00]: Advice on Collaboration for Leaders

[27:00—32:00]: Advice for Aspiring Writers

[32:00—38:00]: Passion Projects and the Creative Process

[38:00—42:00]: 2020 Shifts and Leadership Insights

[42:00—48:00]: Conclusion/Special Offers and Information


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This podcast was featuring Xavier Cornejo



Xavier Cornejo has excelled in the publishing world for more than 14 years. In this journey, he has worked with several authors, helping them to find and tell their story in a successful way. He is the author of The Story Within You: There is More to You Than You Think. Xavier teaches others everything they need to know to live their stories while they write them and write their stories while they live them.


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