[Podcast] Episode 39: The Resurrection Story: A Conversation with Roma Downey

In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with Roma Downey! Roma is an actress, author, producer, and President of Lightworkers Media! Through Lightworkers Media, Roma works to produce faith-based content that brings the stories of the Bible to life! Today, we’ll be discussing her calling, her experiences, and Lightworkers Media’s current production, Resurrection!

[0:00-8:31]: Intro/Meet Roma Downey

[8:31-13:02]: Why “Resurrection?”

[13:02-18:00]: The Vision for the Movie

[18:00-20:41]: Roma’s Faith Journey Throughout Production

[20:41-22:35]: Lightworkers Media and Spreading the Light

[22:35-28:55]: The Difference Between “Resurrection” and Other Easter Films

[28:55-29:20]: The AVAIL Journal

[29:20-31:45]: Staying Hopeful

[31:45-32:48]: Future Projects with Roma

[32:48-34:49]: Connect with Lightworkers Media

[34:49-35:28]: Outro


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This podcast was featuring Roma Downey



Roma Downey is an actress, author, and producer originally from Ireland. She currently is the President of Lightworkers Media, a faith-based film and television production company with projects under its belt such as the television series The Bible and feature film Ben Hurr. Roma is currently working on another film through Lightworkers Media, Resurrection!


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