[Podcast] Episode 26: Advance, Living Unstuck and Moving Forward in Faith: A Conversation with Sarah Wehrli

In this episode, we’re sitting down with speaker, author, and executive director Sarah Wehrli! We’ll discuss her experience in ministry and what inspired her to write Advance, Living Unstuck and Moving Forward in Faith and delve into additional wisdom to help you in overcoming the obstacles of life and move forward with faith in your work for God’s Kingdom!

[0:00-6:00]: Introduction/Meet Sarah Wehrli

[6:00-9:15]: Sarah Wehrli’s Advance 

[9:15-15:53]: Taking Steps of Faith

[15:53-18:18]: Comparison and Focus

[18:18-21:36]: Relational Differences

[21:36-27:00]: Listening to God’s Guidance

[27:00-31:08]: Obedience Amidst Uncertainty

[31:08-36:55]: Enduring the Storm

[36:55-40:20]: Transparency in Leadership

[40:20-45:49]: Connecting with Sarah and Getting Advance @ Sarahwehrli.com

[45:59-48:20]: Closing Thoughts/Outro


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This podcast was featuring Sarah Wehrli



Sarah Wehrli is a passionate speaker and author, and currently serves as the Executive Director of Inspire International. A mission organization with the focus of evangelizing the lost, equipping leaders and bringing practical relief to orphans and children at risk globally. Sarah has ministered in 40 different countries over the past 20 years, and she previously spent time with her family as a missionary in Hong Kong. She has served in multiple areas of church leadership at Victory Church in Tulsa, OK. USA, and she has helped pioneer church planting and missions’ initiatives around the globe. Sarah is passionate about connecting people to their unique purpose in life and helping them experience God in a real way.


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