Seeds of Thought

dave martin Nov 25, 2021

A seed looks like a tiny, insignificant lump of matter. In reality, however, a seed is one of the most amazing things in the world. Inside that little seed, there is an invisible “code” that God placed there to give that seed all the information it will need to reproduce itself. Inside that tiny seed, there is invisible information that will tell the seed whether it should grow to become an oak tree or a cotton plant. Inside that tiny seed, there is invisible data that will tell the seed exactly when it should start growing and when it should stop. And the seed never gets confused. The seed has its marching orders, and those marching orders clearly define for that seed what it is destined to be and what it is destined to produce during its earthly life. The DNA makes clear the seed’s reason-for-being. So once that tiny seed is placed in the soil, it begins to do the one thing that God designed it to do. It begins to execute the specific “assignment” it was created to fulfill.

And so it is with our minds and with the seeds of thought that we sow into our own minds. Our minds are like fertile soil, capable of producing a bountiful harvest. But our minds, like that soil, won’t produce anything until some seeds are sown in it. Seeds of thought, therefore, once sown, will produce an abundant harvest in our lives.

So let me ask you: What kinds of “seeds” are you sowing in the soil of your mind? Are you sowing seeds of greatness, success, positivity, and excellence? Or are you sowing seeds of doubt, mediocrity, conformity, and procrastination? You are destined to become what you think about, and you will think about the things that you choose to sow in your own mind.



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