[Podcast] Episode 190: Restoring the Marginalized with Steve Chalke

podcast Apr 16, 2024

We often associate the God of justice with payback, but we often forget that justice is not complete with restoration. On this episode of the AVAIL podcast, Steve Chalke discusses what fueled his desire to reach out and go to war for the vulnerable in a nation of government red tape, points us to the Word of God for inspiration on healing the wounded, and attests how is takes a village of leaders to make it happen.



00:00 Introducing Steve Chalke

8:07 The genesis and heart behind Oasis

13:41 The story of Oasis Restore

19:48 Breaking through a problem that seems impossible to overcome

27:05 Leadership lessons in God’s work through Oasis

32:34 How to get A Manifesto for Hope and connect with Steve

35:53 Learn more about Oasis

36:59 AVAIL Journal

39:08 Final words of encouragement

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