[Top-Rated Replay] Jerry Macklin on The Canvas of Tomorrow

podcast Aug 01, 2023

In this top-rated replay episode, Bishop Jerry Macklin shares with us about his book, The Canvas of Tomorrow, as well as his journey as the founder of Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ and Glad Tidings International. It’s inspiring to hear the clear words the Lord gave him, as well as the courage and faith it took to walk in obedience!

0:00: Introduction with Jerry Macklin; the Story behind The Canvas of Tomorrow

14:30: An In-Depth Look at the Book’s Contents

27:00: Beginning to Paint the Vision

31:00: How to Get Your Copy!

33:30: Fighting above Your Weight Class

43:00: Why Leaders Need This Message

48:00: Offers from AVAIL

50:30: Closing Thoughts

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