[Blog] Patient, Proactive, and Purposeful Succession Planning

blog Sep 22, 2023

By Sam Chand

Are you being intentional in planning effectively for your succession? It’s time to plan for the inevitable! The 3 main steps to succession that you need to focus on according to Courtney McBath are patience, proactivity, and purposefulness. Are you being intentional in these three areas?

The first attribute you need to strive for is patience. Don’t rush to name a successor! Take your time with the selection process—who would be a good fit and why? Be sure you’re setting your organization up for its longevity with a carefully selected successor! Don’t make this important decision too quickly.

Next, you need to be sure you’re proactive in your successor’s training. Don’t wait until you want to retire to start to pour into their life. Starting to prepare and train them now will ensure whenever it is actually time for the succession, you’ll be more than ready to make a smooth transition!

Finally, you must be purposeful in your preparation. If you aren’t putting in the effort, you’re not setting up your successor or your organization for success. You need to be intentional in pouring your experience, strategies, wisdom, and knowledge into your successor. Make sure you’re equipping them with everything they need and more to succeed!

In conclusion, we must make sure we’re being intentional in these 3 key areas! Succession is inevitable, when we recognize this, we can begin to mentally and organizationally prepare for its occurrence. Make sure you are preparing in patience, proactivity, and purposefulness! Be sure to set your organization up for success in your absence!

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