blog Apr 27, 2023


By Sam Chand

Maybe some (or all) of the following thoughts have run through your head today:
I don’t have enough time.
I’m too busy.
I can’t get it all done.
I’m completely overwhelmed!
Maybe I should just throw in the towel.
Do these feelings have anything to do with time management?

My answer to that question is no.

I don’t believe that there’s any such thing as time management, and here’s why: You can only manage that which you create, and you don’t create time. You can’t control it. You can’t stop it. You can’t rewind it, and so you cannot manage it. Managing time is like raking water. You’re moving it around, but you’re not managing anything. It’s going to obey its natural laws regardless of how much you wish it would bend to your will.

Instead of saying, “I am time-poor,” I want you to think about the concept of being choice-rich. This is a paradigm shift for all of us. You are not time-poor. You are choice-rich. In fact, it is precisely because you have so many options that you feel like you’re time-poor. However, if you focus on your choices and making good ones—healthy choices, choices that will allow you to move ahead in the direction you want to go in—then something in your mindset will shift. Instead of automatically thinking, I don’t have enough time, you’re going to be able to flip the script and make a new default thinking pattern for yourself: I have a lot of choices. I am in control of which one I select.

Know your options. Select one from among the many. Don’t focus on being time-poor; focus on the choice you have the power to make right now, today. If you’ll do that, your choices, which are consequential, will lead you to achieving the goals you have set for your life.

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