If You Have a Dream – Then Just Do Something

dream leadership phil cooke Mar 01, 2020

No, this isn’t an ad for Nike.  But I was listening to an interview with a health expert and she said that (short of periods of massive famine, war, or disease,) although we know more about health and well-being than at anytime in history, we’re still pretty much the most overweight and unhealthy group that’s ever lived.  The reason?  She said that today, a significant group of people don’t get into shape because they’re waiting for the perfect situation. 

They wait on a health club membership, until they get married, have more time, adjust their schedule, get the right workout clothes, a new job – whatever.  They think they have to get all the stars aligned, but until they do, they don’t do anything.  But the truth is, to have better health, all we have to do is start with something small.  Start walking, take the stairs, eat less, get a check-up – little things make a huge difference.

I immediately thought about how many people I know who have a great dream, but are waiting until exactly the right time or situation.  They want to produce a movie, write a book, launch a company, have a family – whatever.  But while they wait for everything to be perfect, they don’t do anything at all.

My advice?  Just do something. Start small.  It takes remarkably little to start a project or dream moving forward.  Write a page a day, take a class, start calling, network, schedule an interview – start doing something.

Even the biggest project can be broken down into steps, and what better time to begin than right now?



This article was written by Phil Cooke



If you have a powerful message or story that could influence the world, media producer, consultant, and author Phil Cooke will teach you what you need to know about creativity, communication, Hollywood, media, culture, and the faith to make it happen.



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