My Greatest Regret

blog May 04, 2023


By Sam Chand

Perhaps you’ve heard these questions in your leadership journey before: 

“What’s your greatest regret?”

“If you could say something to your younger self, what would that be?”

“If you had a do-over, what would you do over?”

These are all the same question asked in different ways. I receive endless variations of these questions as I travel across the world, and I want to share my answer with you as I have given this quite a bit of personal thought.

The greatest regret that I have in my leadership journey is that I did not have coaches and mentors in my life. I didn’t have anyone who could see something in me, take an interest in me—not for their own sake or for what I could do for them. No one put their arm around me and said, “Sam, I see something in you. Let me help you, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I have made. Let me fast-track your journey.” I could be in a completely different place today if someone had said this to me years ago. I could have identified some of my weaknesses, strengths, flaws, and blind spots if someone had taken me under their wing and shown me how to do leadership as a younger man.

My life would be much different if I’d had mentors and coaches in my life. Your destiny can change forever if you will get some mentors and coaches in your life. Don’t wait—you’re not getting any younger. Reaching out to a coach or mentor could be a life-changer for you.

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