[Podcast] Episode 24: Creating and Leading a Diverse Environment: A Conversation with Louis Carr

In this episode, we sit down with Louis Carr. Louis Carr has been President of Media Sales at BET for more than 30 years! In addition, he is also an author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist who has a passion for helping others. We’ll discuss a variety of topics with Louis, such as the value of a diverse environment, success as a lifestyle, and his book, Dirty Little Secrets!

[0:19-5:20]: Introduction/meet Louis Carr

[5:20-7:40]: Caring for Those You Lead

[7:40-25:50]: Diversity Defined/Creating and Leading a Diverse Environment

[25:50-33:50]: Commitment, Challenges, and Growth

[33:50-39:35]: Seeing Around the Corner and Creating Culture

[39:35-41:25]: A Mindset of Learning and Growth

[41:25-41:50]: Connect with Louis Carr/Books

[41:50-44:16]: AVAIL Journal/Annual Subscription Offer

[44:16-46:41]: Closing Thoughts



This podcast was featuring Louis Carr



Louis Carr is a media mogul, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and author. He has also worked as the President of Media Sales at BET for over 30 years, a position that has contributed to Louis becoming one of the most influential voices in the media and advertising industries. Now, Louis looks to give back--to help others build vision, overcome adversity, and achieve success!


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